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How it Works

We help you with almost all Problems and Issues Related to your Computer and Other Peripheral Devices

How We Work

T he Best PC Doctor team of expert and certified technicians provide 24/7 remote tech-support. Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot any issues related to computers. We mainly focus on providing fastest resolutions without compromising on customer satisfaction. Before we begin the troubleshooting, you will be clearly explained about all the terms that need to be followed for the particular issue you have contacted us. You may contact us any time to get support for your computers.

Secured and Fastest Remote Support

You can opt for remote support assistance so that our technicians can connect to your computer and do the necessary steps in order to get the issue fixed. This is a secured connection and we do not collect any details without your permission. You can also watch the technicians, performing the steps on your computer and chat with them if you have any concern that needs to be answered. You will also be provided with step by step information about the steps that are being performed on the computer. If you need to go or if you need to end the session in-between, you can simply do so by just clicking the X button on the remote window. We use advanced technology that provides secured and faster connectivity for connecting to your computers so that we can fix your issue in the best possible time.

Tools & Resources

We are well equipped with all the advanced Tools and all our technicians are expertized on how to work with these tools. This helps us to resolve all of your issues in a minimum amount of time and also with your complete satisfaction. The Best PC Doctor uses advanced technology and resources to provide you “The Best Technical Support” you have ever experienced.

Support available 24/7

Since we value our customers, we have provided the option for you to contact us anytime. Easy to contact us helps you to contact us quickly through Phone, Chat & Email support. Incase if you are not able to reach us, you have the option to leave us a message or also email us with your details so that we shall get back to you as soon as we can. We also adhere strictly to the promised call backs that we offer to our customers.

The Remote Tech Support Process

Getting your online tech support is easy. You’ve already completed the 1st step by visiting our website.

• You can call us on the number provided on the top right side of the website or chat with our technicians by clicking the live help which will be at the top middle part of the website. Also you have the option to send us an email by clicking the “Contact us” option and sending a message so that our experts can call you back.

• Once you get connected to a technician and explain the issue you are facing, our live technician will suggest how long it will take to fix your computer problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

• The Best PC Doctor will suggest you the suitable packages that you can choose in order to get your issue fixed. If you agree to continue, you will be explained and directed to our payment process so that you can setup an account with us for the related issue that you are facing.

• Once your account is setup with us and you have chosen a service package, you are ready for us to help you! With your permission, our technicians can connect to your computer and do the necessary steps to get your issue fixed while you can sit back and watch. It is a simple, fast and great learning experience.

• Once your issue is fixed, you will be explained clearly what all things were done to resolve the problem.

• You may ask any questions about our different services provided or the pricing packages we offer, on a one time and monthly basis and also about any concerns if you have.

• Once everything is done and we have provided you the best solution for your issue, upon your permission we will be terminating the remote session with your device.

Fastest Resolution Guaranteed without compromising the Quality of work and Customer Satisfaction