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Technical Support

Our Key Area: The Best PC Doctor technicians are trained to look for possible security breaches on your system and other common computer problems that could result in slowing down your computer, data loss or malfunction of your system.

Complete Computer Tune Up

Computer running slow:-

Is your computer slow after a recent software/windows update or a recent crash – contact us
Expert assistance which includes remote support where our technicians connect to your computer and diagnose and repair the errors and tune up your pc for optimum performance. Support includes checking the corrupted/incompatible applications and start up items, checking system configuration, and pc tune up, 3rd party application conflicts, disk check, disk defragmentation, temp file cleanup, virus scan etc and much more.

Can’t connect to internet

Not able to browse and check your online data and connect with your friends ?
Have our experts connect to your computer and check for browser issues, add-on conflicts, Antivirus software firewall settings, Router, wireless firewall conflicts, IP, DNS, Winsock check etc and much more. Contact us now.

Internet Browsing Slow

Internet connection taking long time to load even with a faster connection?
Support includes checking for browser issues/conflicts, managing add-ons, Antivirus firewall settings check, installation of more compatible browser to suit your internet connectivity speed, deleting the temp files/resetting the browser, Proxy settings check etc and much more.

No Audio /Video, Sound

Not able to hear music or sound on your videos/unable to get the video on webcam?

Assistance with checking the audio/video device working or not, updating the drivers to the latest versions, configuring your device to get the audio/video for optimum performance etc and more.

Unable to access specific websites/applications

Not able to play online games, unable to login to your favorite sites

Checking with multiple browsers, installation of more compatible browsers to suit your needs, Firewall settings check and configuration, checking for website issue or issue due to the conflict on the computer itself etc.

Cannot connect to network printer

Access Denied to your Printer connected to your Home Network

Configuring network printers, VPN etc, configure your Antivirus software to allow the connections to your network devices, configuring the Router Firewall to allow the connections, installation and basic configuration of your network devices etc.

CD / Drive not working / Drive not listed on My Computer

Unable to play Music, Video DVDs/CDs, or HDDs?

Support includes checking of the device if working properly or not, checking if the drivers are corrupted or not for your device, updating your device drivers to the latest version, re installation of GEAR drivers to make your drive work on the computer.

Windows OS Issues & Error messages

Error message from Windows while starting the computer?

Expert assistance on fixing the major file extension errors from windows, repairing the corrupted entries, updating the windows service pack/windows update, SFC scan, temp file cleanup, check disk to repair the corrupted OS entries.